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Your Guide On How To Set Up A Really Great Side Hustle

Breaking away from the daily grind is no mean feat, and it’s all too easy to abandon your dreams because you simply can’t separate out the time or space to devote to anything else. Yet in recent years you may have noticed more and more people beginning to supplement their income with a little gig […]

Marketing Metrics Your Business Should Start Tracking

Every business that operates online has to set clear goals in order to attract and retain customers, while staying competitive on the market. That means that every business needs a data-driven strategy that will help design effective marketing campaigns, advertisements and promotions. However, every marketing campaign has to appeal to a target audience, so it […]

Buzzlogix Feature: User Group Management for Agencies and Business Units

You spoke, we listened! Buzzlogix is excited to announce our latest feature update, User Group Management. Our powerful social media management and monitoring tool is great for individuals but can also be a great tool for agencies. Our latest features enables your agency or business to create a hierarchical user management structure. By creating a user […]

Why Video Should Be King of Your Campaigns

If you’re a business or brand owner looking to build a better converting campaign, then video is likely a key element in your marketing mix. If it’s not, then you’re missing out on a potential goldmine and making the most engaging type of content available in the marketplace. Video is king of the Internet and […]

How To Use Social Listening To Drive Online Sales

Most of us are familiar with the idea of social monitoring in some way or another. At least, those of us who are concerned with understanding and improving our social media marketing efforts. But what if we could go deeper? What if we could take social monitoring to a level where the result is just […]

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos

Not that long ago, creating videos was a lot of work, and it was expensive to boot. You had to invest in an expensive video camera and the proper lighting to create a video people wanted to watch. That has changed, though. Smartphone cameras are better than ever, allowing anyone to create compelling videos. Because […]

5 Simple Tips to Build Brand Advocacy on Social Media

When it comes to shopping, the opinions of other people regarding a brand or product influence buying decisions more than branded messages. For this reason, online reviews and testimonials carry a lot of weight in the world of commerce. Even when comments come from complete strangers, shoppers take them to heart. Thanks to the popularity […]

8 Ways to Use Instagram’s New Multiple-Image Posting Feature (Infographic)

Instagram is a force to be reckoned with: As of today there are well over 700 million users of this social media platform, and only 8 million of them are businesses. Translation? That’s a lot of consumers sharing and liking visually oriented content. And in fact, most users follow at least one business, if not more—visiting […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Gen C

For the last several years, Millennials have dominated the news, especially when it came to marketing. Everyone was talking about Millennials. They talked about what they wanted to buy, and how to market to them. In reality, if you’re targeting your marketing campaigns to Millennials, you are missing the biggest piece of the pie. Many […]

How To Use Twitter to Improve Your Customer Service

Love it or hate it, Twitter has become the new “word of mouth” and has given customers a whole new level of power. Simply by posting a comment on Twitter, customer opinion can now reach thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people in the space of minutes. Unfortunately, if that comment is negative, the more […]