Buzzlogix Feature: BuzzRespond Automatic Posting

What is BuzzRespond Technology?

This month, we are excited to announce the addition of BuzzRespond Technology to the Buzzlogix social media management and monitoring tool. We are continuously updating our features to help save social media specialists  time and keep social media management stress-free. BuzzRespond is an automation feature, similar to BuzzAlerts, that keep you ahead of the game by posting automatically to Twitter and Facebook. BuzzAlerts are useful for informing you of a spike of interactions occurs around one of your topic streams. With BuzzRespond, you’ll now be able to react automatically to any increase in buzz by automatically posting your next scheduled post to Twitter and Facebook. In the future, BuzzRespond will incorporate even further AI integrations that will make it possible to automatically react to both positive and negative buzzes. Learn how to easily set up your BuzzRespond automatic engagements below!

How to Activate Automatic Posting to Facebook and Twitter

In this tutorial, we are going to use an example of how a Dallas Cowboys sports tees company may benefit from using BuzzRespond automatic posting.

By now, you should have topic streams established using our powerful social media listening technology. Let’s pretend our brand sells clever, comfy, sports tees for the Dallas Cowboys football team. We’ve created a topic stream all about the Cowboys where we track mentions of games, touchdowns, and player updates.

cowboys fans

To activate BuzzAlerts and BuzzRespond, click to edit your topic stream using the menu in the right hand corner of your stream.

Toggle over to the BuzzAlert section.

Click on the alert you would like to set up. We are using Twitter in our example but you are also able to activate Facebook posting. Select the number of mentions you would like to identify as your trigger for email notifications from BuzzAlerts and automatic engagement and posting from BuzzRespond. In our example, we’ve selected 200 mentions.

It is important to select a queue to post from. When buzz picks up and you hit the mention threshold you have defined, Buzzlogix will trigger BuzzRespond to release the next scheduled post in your queue. In our example, we’ve selected a queue we created specifically for Texas football fans. Our goal with BuzzRespond is to release flash sales and promotions when mentions, hashtags, and keywords about our brand are at their peak. If have not yet set up a queue, you’ll be prompted to create one.

To make sure you and your stay informed while Buzzlogix does the work, you’ll be notified when BuzzRespond triggers a post to be released. You will also receive an update if your queue is empty and needs to be loaded with additional Facebook or Twitter posts.

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