Buzzlogix Feature: Posting Queues

Creating Social Media Posting Queues

The Buzzlogix social media tool was built to save social media specialists and managers time and energy. With the recent launch of our easy-to-use social media management and monitoring app for both iPhone and Android, we are continuing the theme of TIME-SAVING. We’re all about creating efficiency and developing features to help your team while you focus on developing your social media strategies and marketing plans.  Today, we are excited to announce our latest time-saving feature: POSTING QUEUES. As you develop your content calendar for your social media channels, the appropriate timing of these posts must considered. As you continue to post and as your following grows, you’ll begin notice trends in your audience’s engagement and behavior. Using posting queues will enable you to schedule your most engaging content at the most popular times for your audience without having to manually enter post times. We recommend reviewing our social media scheduling blog post to get a refresher course on using our calendars.

Find Peak Activity Times

If you’re just getting started on social media and are unsure of the best times to post, here’s a great blog post on where to start. If you’ve already generated followers on social media, reference your Buzzlogix dashboard to search for peak activity in mentions of your brand. Buzzlogix analytics can share insight about mentions of you brand, industry, or competition over time. Use these analytics to help configure posting times for your channels.

Facebook and Twitter analytics can also share some details about days and times your audience is online and when they are most likely to engage with your profile.

How to Configure a Posting Queue (step-by-step)


First, navigate from your main dashboard view to the POSTING tab under Manage & Engage.


Scroll down to your post calendar and select POSTING QUEUES. Select CREATE A QUEUE.


Configure your queue by giving it a name and a brief description. In our example, we are targeting our latest post at our millennial audience. Make sure to set your queue to active if you’re ready to start posting.


Configure the most important part of your queue – the dates and times. Add or delete times using the icons to the right. Click SAVE. Edit, delete or create new queues easily.


Select your social networks and schedule your first post to your queue. Select ADD TO QUEUE. Select the queue you would like your content to line up in your queue and click QUEUE NOW.

Bonus Buzzlogix Tip: Reposting

Our latest features gives you time back in your busy day by allowing you to repost and schedule your best performing content right from your social calendar. Head to your posting history and select a previous post.

Click on the post you would like to repost immediately or schedule.

Review your post and select REPOST.

Make edits and update photos for your post. Don’t forget to reselect the social media platforms you want your post to be delivered to. Follow steps from above to post to a queue or choose a time to schedule your post.

Buzzlogix is a smart and simple, all-in-one social media management, monitoring and engagement platform. Designed to empower social media specialists and people who need to work with social media on a day-to-day basis. Buzzlogix offers a comprehensive set of features to deliver effective social media management and monitoring. We believe that social media management and marketing should be simple, affordable and enable meaningful engagements. Using our cloud software platform and our mobile app generates stronger market insights, happier customers and leads to increased social media performance resulting in better services and sales. Follow us on Twitter and make sure to download our free app today!


Scott Sims

Co-founder of Buzzlogix. Scott is an energetic and accomplished leader in enterprise IT software, cloud, web services, and hardware sales with 10+ years of success.