Buzzlogix Feature: Sentiment Analysis

What is Buzzlogix Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis allows for the calculation of the overall opinion or feelings behind a phrase, person, brand or product. Sentiment analysis uses natural language processing, text analysis, and computation linguistics to extract the emotional tone of social media posts, news reports, blogs and more. This type of emotional analytics have been known to be a valuable tool in elections to gauge voter opinions during a campaign and help to redefine strategies. Social listening and monitoring tools are becoming more widely used across new and established brands. The understanding of consumer sentiment will help provide insights that may direct your overall marketing and brand strategy. Buzzlogix sentiment analysis allows you, as a social media specialist, gain an overview of the public’s opinion, without having to read every single mention. Listen in and learn more about the emotions of your followers of your brand or even your competition! Learn how to activate sentiment analysis in your social listening by following our step-by-guide.

How to Activate Sentiment Analysis on Your Buzzlogix Topic Streams


Navigate to the topic stream section of your Buzzlogix social media monitoring tool. Click the drop down menu and select EDIT STREAM.


Click the SENTIMENT option under enhancements to activate sentiment analysis of your topic streams.


Unless you have additional edits to make to your topic stream, you’re done! Click SUBMIT to start the analysis process.

View Your Results

Dashboard View Option


Navigate to your main dashboard view to view the results of your sentiment analysis. You’ll see we’ve broken down these sentiments to: NEGATIVE, NEUTRAL, POSITIVE.

Manual Widget Option


Click to the ANALYTICS AND REPORTING section of your tool and click the drop down menu to ADD WIDGET.


Configure your sentiment analysis widget by giving it a name and selecting the topic stream you want to pull data from.


Select the sources and you would like your sentiment analysis displayed. We suggest a pie chart to see a visual breakdown.

Here you’ll see all of your analytics widgets, including your recently added sentiment analysis.

For a limited time, we are offering our Sentiment Analysis for free so you can try it out and find out how you will benefit from it. You can activate Sentiment Analysis for a stream by following the steps above.

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Scott Sims

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