Buzzlogix Feature: User Group Management for Agencies and Business Units

You spoke, we listened! Buzzlogix is excited to announce our latest feature update, User Group Management. Our powerful social media management and monitoring tool is great for individuals but can also be a great tool for agencies. Our latest features enables your agency or business to create a hierarchical user management structure. By creating a user group, you can decide which Topic Streams, Analytics Reports as well as which Social Profiles your users can access.

In addition to creating user groups, your users can still be given Administrative, Edit or View-only rights. An Administrator can view all Topic Streams, Analytics Reports and Social Profiles and change and create User Groups. The Editors and Viewers can be added to a group to only give them specific access.

Use our brief, step-by-step tutorial to take advantage of our latest feature update.

Edit Account Settings

Access your account settings by clicking the gear in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard. In this section you’ll also be able to view your user account settings as well as billing.

Access Account Management

Toggle to account management settings to adjust your user and group settings.

Add / Edit User Settings

Invite your first user by adding details of their name, email, access level you would like to grant and the group you would like to assign them to. Access level examples include EDITOR, VIEW or ADMINISTRATIVE. Once created, new users will receive an invite link to join Buzzlogix. You can view pending invitations beneath your account users.


Create your first group. A group can be considered a specific agency or project you are managing. You’ll then be able to select the topic streams this group has access to as well as the social media accounts users in this group will be able to access. Once created, add the appropriate team members.

Buzzlogix is a smart and simple, all-in-one social media management, monitoring, and engagement platform. Designed to empower social media specialists and people who need to work with social media on a day-to-day basis. Buzzlogix offers a comprehensive set of features to deliver effective social media management and monitoring. We believe that social media management and marketing should be simple, affordable and enable meaningful engagements. Using our cloud software platform and our mobile app generates stronger market insights, happier customers and leads to increased social media performance resulting in better services and sales. Learn more about individual and agency pricing here. Follow us on Twitter and make sure to download our free app today!



Scott Sims

Co-founder of Buzzlogix. Scott is an energetic and accomplished leader in enterprise IT software, cloud, web services, and hardware sales with 10+ years of success.