Buzzlogix Feature: 1-Click Analytics Reports

In our most recent update, the Buzzlogix team introduced the latest time-saving feature for social media management tools – Analytics and Reporting. Our powerful listening tool gives insight into the mentions of your brand, competition, and industry updates. This latest feature takes all the data compiled from your set topic streams and allows you to create custom social media analytics reports in seconds.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to visualize data on the top influencers relating to your desired topic, most used hashtags, and top mentions based on source and language. Our social media software now includes 1-Click Analytics Reports making the generation of these reports even easier for the busy social media specialist. Get personal and customize each report with individual widgets and configuration settings. 

Create a Quick Report

Note: To properly set up reports, make sure you have a few topic streams set up and ready. Review how to set up topic streams here.

To get started, select Analytics & Reporting from your main menu on the left and select + Add Report.

Create a unique name and description for your report. Each report will appear in separate tabs so it is best to keep it short, yet descriptive. Select the topic stream from which you’d like to visualize data. For our example, we are interested in seeing results from social media marketing. We’ve loaded keywords related to social media, content marketing, and SEO. Using this 1-click report generator will automatically create a report with pre-set widgets including: Top Twitter Hashtags (Weekly), Top Influencers (Weekly), Top Mentions per Language (Weekly), Total Mentions per Source (Weekly).  Each graph represents a “widget” and can be moved by dragging and dropping.

Edit, delete, and add widgets by clicking the menu button. For example, if you’d like to view your top hashtags in a pie chart instead of a list, edit the display type. Edit the sources, time frame and results show by making changes to the widget configuration.

Create a Custom Report

Care to start from scratch instead? Create a custom report by selecting starting back at the Analytics & Reporting section. Select + Add Report and toggle to EMPTY REPORT. General configuration includes the standard name and description of your report. Click SUBMIT. 

Add multiple widgets to your report here. Select the name of your widget. As an example, we are looking at hashtags related to social media marketing so we’ve named our widget HASHTAG REVIEW. Select the appropriate topic stream for the widget.

Select one or multiple Topic Streams from which you want to display your data. For multiple Topic Streams, the data will be combined. Click an Analysis Type to select the data you would like in your graph. Learn more about each type below.

  • Top Hashtags: Tweets containing these hashtags include the most mentions relating to your topic stream keywords.
  • Top Influencers: Companies or individuals who mention your topic(s) most frequently. See their posts by referencing them in your topic streams.
  • Mentions per Source: Visualize where your topic and keywords are being mentioned most frequently.
  • Mentions per Language: See if there are trends in keyword mentions in other countries and languages.

Customize each widget in Widget Configuration. Select with the sources you would like data to be pulled from, the time frame, and how you want it to be displayed. Widgets can be added, deleted or edited at anytime. We recommend refreshing the page after submitting your changes.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue adding more types of social media analytics as well as more visualization types to create a truly flexible experience and to give you all the insights required to analyze the mentions in your Topic Streams. Stay tuned for more details. As always, tweet us at @buzzlogix with any feedback or questions.


Christiana Yebra

Christiana Yebra is a Dallas-based marketing strategist with a love for startups, sports, and corgis. Her philosophy of “If you can’t find it, create it” has led her to build companies in healthcare, digital marketing, and most recently, a sports inspired t-shirt company. She believes in building brand value and loyalty by listening to the most valuable player on your team, your customer.