Buzzlogix Feature: Social Media Monitoring

Buzzlogix believes in simplifying social media monitoring and management for the busy social media specialist. We realize social media marketing is a rapidly changing and growing industry. The tools available need to keep up with the pace! Buzzlogix’s social media monitoring and management tool was built to keep you in touch with your customers, related keywords and market updates that affect your brand.

Social media monitoring is one of our core features built to do the work for you. Chances are you and your team are managing multiple accounts across several social channels. Our powerful listening tool is here to help. It easily tracks results in simple side-by-side topic streams. Load topics and keywords related to your brand, market or even your competition, choose the channels and languages you prefer, and watch the results load in. Follow our guide below to get started.

Step 1: Configure your Topic Stream for Social Media Monitoring

Select topic streams from your main Buzzlogix menu and begin to add details of your topic. Include a nickname, full name and description of what you’re hoping to find. A topic stream can consist of a brand or specific company you’re interested in listening in to. Add a topic that is popular in your industry or an area you’re looking to learn more about. Feeling competitive? Build a topic stream related to your competition. This may be a similar business or the industry status quo.

Step 2: Setup Keywords to Search For

Use our keyword configuration to specify what terms you would like to be tracked. Have your eye on certain products? Load a topic stream full of keywords related to what you’re searching for. We like to keep up with the latest in social media marketing. Our brand is focused on supporting social media marketers so this topic and related keywords are important for us to track. You can also exclude terms in your search. For this example, we’ve chosen to exclude results found on LinkedIn. Click the plus signs to add additional terms to include or exclude.

Step 3: Source and Language Selection

Select the sources where we should run our search. For example, we are big on video content so we’re going to search YouTube along with Twitter and Google+ pages. Social media networks connect people to each other from across the world so we’ve added multi-lingual analysis to our tool. Make sure to select your preferred languages and click to the next step.

Step 4: Buzz Alerts (Optional)

Another new feature is the ability to set up a BuzzAlert. Use this tool to create customizable alerts which will notify you before a social buzz about your brand peaks. Alerts send you an automatic notification right to your email regarding a spike in mentions of your topic. Set the frequency and the channels you would like to be alerted about. Add multiple emails to make sure your team is notified. Use these alerts to stay informed and to identify opportunities to adjust your approach.

Step 5: View Your Topic Streams

Submit your topic stream and watch the results load in! Each topic stream is loaded with results featuring the keywords you have selected. You will begin to receive updates from across your selected sources, each with the person/company that posted it and a direct link to their post. Need to make some edits? Simply edit your stream using the drop down menu. on the upper right-hand corner.

Buzzlogix is the go-to social media monitoring and management tool for teams of all sizes. All features can be customized to fit the needs of your team, business, and goals for growth. Try us out today, for free. Our tool is available now for all of the social media specialists. As always, please share your feedback with us in the comments or by reaching out to us on Twitter at @buzzlogix.


Scott Sims

Co-founder of Buzzlogix. Scott is an energetic and accomplished leader in enterprise IT software, cloud, web services, and hardware sales with 10+ years of success.