Brand Assets

In need of a logo or other visual assets to represent Buzzlogix? Here you will find our brand assets featuring our logo-mark, typography, color palette, brand guidelines and company imagery.

Logotype & Mark

The Buzzlogix logotype is set in Ronda, a friendly and approachable font with a call back to the tech realm. Set in Social Blue and made up of a fluid speech bubble, the logo symbolizes connectivity in social media and the digital world. For situations where a simpler is better, the mark is preferred in white on Social Blue. This mark is great for favicons, app icons, and social media avatars.

Buzzlogix Logo Buzzlogix Icon Buzzlogix Icon Inverse


It’s important to use web-friendly fonts for a brand like ours, so all of our fonts are available on Google Web Fonts to ensure easy integration throughout all channels. The clean, sans-serif Oxygen is used for all subheaders and body copy. Roboto Slab makes an appearance as a display font for large headlines. For smaller headlines that need to stand out, use Roboto Slab in all caps.


Color is key to any brand. Be sure to be consistent in our primary brand color, Social Blue. A mix of too many shades of blue will create a confusing brand identity. Solar and Bird Blue are accent colors for uses when additional pops of color are needed.

Buzzlogix Dark Theme
Buzzlogix Main Theme


Photography should be bright and airy. Include a human element whenever possible. Our product is about connectivity, and it’s helpful to remember that behind every social media user is a real person. Avoid cheesey cliche stock images, like the close-up handshake, or the landscape image that has nothing to do with our product. Use photos that are authentic to our brand.