Social Media Listening

Listen in real time to the social web, learn what, when and where people talk about your brand, products, and services, market and competitors.

Social Media Listening Made Easy

Billions of conversations are happening globally. Social Media Marketers have to know which conversations to listen to in order to be part of the dialogue. Buzzlogix is a powerful social monitoring platform that ensures your relevant conversations and images are collected in real time from millions of media sources.

Competitive Tracking Analyze competitors, benchmark performance, and analyze trends across your industry.

Campaign Monitoring Monitor campaigns, benchmark against past performance, and utilize reporting to share data.

Brand Monitoring Track your brand’s social sentiment and perception, and understand how campaigns and product launches impact it.

Influencer Identification Pinpoint influencers in your industry by relevance to a specific topic or industry.

Crisis Management Receive an automatic alert with BuzzAlert when a crisis begins to trend so you can act quickly to protect your brand.

Automated Monitoring and Alerts of Topics That Matter

  • Automatically track relevant conversations so you have instant access to emerging issues, sentiment, analytics, and themes across social conversations over time.
  • Minimize time to action by enabling alerts on volume, influencer engagements or emerging viral trends with Buzzlogix BuzzAlert.
  • Segment audiences to identify influencers and affinities around search terms and specified categories to monitor brand health.

Listen Across the Social Web in Real Time

  • Extend your search to monitor text across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, web pages, and discussions to see what resonates on owned and earned conversations
  • Identify specific social accounts and hastags to analyze conversations
  • Leverage affinities for deeper understanding about your audiences to inspire stronger content
  • Utilize 100% of the data by leveraging 12 month historical content

Listen Capabilities

  • Influencer identification
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Content performance
  • Owned social management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Audience and community analysis
  • Crisis management
  • Content creation
  • Business unit and agency support
  • Automatic alerts and responses

Always-On Social Monitoring and Listening

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